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Add: No.625 East Second Ring Road, Baoding, Hebei, China.

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Company employees watch Shenzhou 10Company engineer and China astronauts

Chairman of the board of directors of the company accept the 

honorary certificate

Baoding mayor visit to my company

The national protective textile technology research and 

development center opening ceremony

Sanyuan textile protection knowledge tour across the country
Company to participate in public welfare activities

Chairman Xi meet with representative of astronaut that equipped

 with special protective clothing made by sanyuan


The part of thank-you note from People's Liberation Army General Armaments Department :



The original meaning of the letter:

As Shenzhou 9 successfully launching, we appreciate the support protective garments from Baoding Sanyuan Textile Technology Co.,ltd

As Shenzhou 10 successfully launching, we appreciate sanyuan textile for its hardworking in space ship garments industry, thanks for your efforts, it is the support to show our elegant demeanour," thank you all from heart ,you are hard-working".