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(一)This product is applicable to be made into exposure suit for the workers that working in the clear fire and spark- sending surroundings, operating around the meltdown areas and staying in the dangerous place which keeps the combustible quality .
(二)Flame-resisting exposure suit is made of pure cotton that is processed for flame-resisting and staple warp fabric. Both of the two kinds of materials have their special features.
(三)The main technique index matches GB8965-2009

Measure parameters


Continuous time of burning 

flame-resisting time 

damaged length 

The meltdown drop 

The intensity for splitting the clothing 

The intensity for tearing the clothing



(四)The configuration for the clothing and its way of use
1.Safe , beautiful , beneficial human body's normal requirement and healthy
2.Fit to  body activities in working and  easy to wear and take off.
3.The pocket should take a cover, in order not to take the liquating metals or sparks
4.Not to be hooked, hung, wringed and grinded while working.
5.Blowholes can be left on proper places in order to send off the sweat, lost and regulate the body temperature, but the blowholes can't impact on the strength of clothing structure, and the crevice structure can not allow the outside things to enter the clothing.
6.Washed in the water that below 30 ℃ . Add one gram of soap or washing powder per kilogram. Dissolving ratio should be more than 1:40
7.After drying or airing ,please iron it with the  temperature above 110 ℃ so as to recover its flame-resisting quality
8.The product can not be put together with the causticity product, and please keep in the dry and ventilated place for preserving.
9. Produce permit AQXK-113081     XK20-301-00230