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Custom fire-retardant fabric will become the future trend Oct 11, 2016

Flame retardant fabric in the initial development of the time, people just focus on its performance, fire-retardant properties, and so on. Development in this industry today, some customers to consult the fire-retardant fabric products are also looking for some special fabrics to make their own special flame retardant fabric. Custom fire-retardant fabric have become the development trend in the future. With consumption on the rise, people have higher pursuit.
And held in Shanghai in October 13-15th at the 21st China international textile fabrics and accessories (winter) Expo, many exhibitors opened the road of custom fabric, fabric customization wind up quietly.
Fabric customization method is able to cooperate more closely with customers, and customers on the fabric composition and asked not to be lower than the flame retardancy requirements of comfort. Flame retardant fabric companies want to go at the forefront of industry developments, we must continue to explore new forms of product development and cooperation.