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Development trend of flame retardant fabric products--of man-made fibres Oct 11, 2016

Flame retardant fiber has better of market prospects, but advanced technology fiber production often means with introduced new of equipment, line and technology, need large of input, original of fiber production equipment cannot again using, and traditional of flame retardant formulations fiber can using existing production equipment, only needed do process parameter Shang of adjustment, so, flame retardant formulations flame retardant fiber still occupy with flame retardant fiber of ruled status, however, with technology of development, new flame retardant cloth will rise, gradually replaced traditional of flame retardant cloth textiles.
Fuel blends and functional diversity is becoming a new trend, many countries in the world are flame retardant fiber blended development of versatile flame retardant fabric. Most flame retardant fibers have flame retardant features only, unable to meet certain specific needs in the area, wants to have oil resistant and waterproof, fire-retardant anti static, anti-mosquito is also depends on fabric finishing, strong environmental performance has damage to the fabric. Future flame retardant fabric is with these versatile performance in the fiber, take a variety of forms in the production method combines variety of flame retardant fiber blended to produce more complex functions of flame retardant fabrics are the future development trend.

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