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Flame retardant fabric export quality the most important Oct 11, 2016

How to deal with such a difficult export environment, this requires fire-retardant fabric exporters do their own products at the same time to understand customer purchasing a product the most attention is the product details, and constantly improve their own products and insufficient, better customer service, to remains in a grave situation and steady economic growth.
As a fire-retardant fabric Enterprise specializing in the production of exports, xinke special cloth in 2015 to the flame retardant products and the development of their enterprises to make a great change. 2015 new expanded the instrumentation of flame retardant fabric testing room types and varieties, do synchronized with Europe, constant temperature and humidity test environment, test data more accurate. Can be detected and customers to communicate and synchronize the same data, saves a lot of time proofing samples, cost savings for customers to win the trust of customers. Pre-fabric dyeing, we also use professional color on the instrument, and your client can send color samples to do exactly the same, reduce fabric degradation rate and sample time so that more reflect our service and technical expertise. Equipped with the industry's most professional and technical personnel, the flame retardant fabric in the highly competitive industry, with professional and high quality products have won customers, believe that export data in 2016 we will have steadily improved.