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Flame retardant fabric research and development trend Oct 11, 2016

With the progress of time, fire-retardant fabric is accepted and used by more and more people. Development of flame retardant fabric is fast than ever. More and more enterprises began to flame retardant cloth product differentiation, and new product development.
Now there have been many new features to the fabric, moisture wicking cotton, moisture absorption and thermal fabric, fog and haze PM2.5 antibacterial fabrics, these new functional materials through professional development team will be able to produce various kinds of functional fire-retardant fabric.
Today's fire-retardant fabric is a research and development team designed, containing artificial synthetic fibers, composites, chemical finishing agents, made of natural fire-retardant fibers, and a variety of other ways. By finishing technologies, gives the fabric under certain conditions a more prominent feature. This is the functional composition of flame retardant fabrics.