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How to do well quality control of flame retardant fabrics Oct 11, 2016

Production technology of fire-retardant fabric is a more complex functional fabrics, fire-retardant fabric product performance testing is necessary. General naked eye cannot tell the fabric quality and grade. Must test professional testing instruments to identify strengths and weaknesses.
Testing fire-retardant fabric is not only testing the flame retardance of flame retardant cloth-evaluation of fire retardant-flame retardant fabrics are flame retardant fabric is first lit burning (or placed in the flame) for some time, when after the fabric away from the flame to assess the ease of combustion and flame
Seeding speed to tensile strength and tear strength test, and PH values and the formaldehyde content of the fabric. All test data mentioned above, to judge the quality of fire-retardant fabric border.
Special textile is a production of functional fabrics companies, St company mainly engaged in functional fabrics mainly services in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, forestry, labour workers in the electricity sector. To provide functional protective clothing fabrics. New production of functional fabrics excellent flame retardancy, high fastness, soft to the touch, no smell, and the advantages of high strength, low formaldehyde. Customers can purchase based on their needs. New classification of functional fabrics mainly include: flame retardant flame retardant anti-static fabrics, aramid fabric, molike flame retardant fabrics, cotton/acrylic flame retardant fabrics, C/N cotton flame retardant fabrics, CVC flame retardant fabric, oil resistant and waterproof fabrics, mosquito-proof fabric, UV-resistant fabric and so on.