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What Are The Safety Clothing Precautions? Aug 28, 2017

What are the Safety Clothing precautions?
Many work in the clean room should be understood, into the clean room must wear anti-dust clothing, anti-static dust service these special clothing, then know that into the clean room need to wear anti-dust clothing, dust clothes are also wearing some Pay attention to the Oh, not just put on the dust into the workshop, safe clothing to wear what matters? Do you know? You can know why the dust-free workshop to wear dust-proof clothing can go in? Here we come together to discuss the Safety Clothing under the attention of it.
1, Safety Clothing wearing precautions First point, safe clothing should be used all anti-static fabric, generally do not use the lining. When lining is used, the exposed area of the lining should not exceed 20% of the total area of the garment.
2, should be based on different places of different processing objects electrostatic sensitivity, the choice of different grades of anti-static fabrics and Safety Clothing.
3, anti-dust clothing must be provided with GB4385 anti-static shoes to wear.
4, Prohibited in the flammable and explosive places wear off Safety Clothing
5, in a strong electromagnetic environment or near the high-pressure bare wire area, can not wear Safety Clothing.
6, prohibited in the Safety Clothing attached to or wear any metal objects.
7, are not allowed to operate the electrostatic sensitive products in the field to wear or take off Safety Clothing (should be in the designated locker room for clothing).
8, bulk purchase of Safety Clothing before wearing should be randomly selected a few pieces of test charge. Wear a certain period of time, especially when the wearer strikes when there is a sense of electric shock to be re-measured. For Safety Clothing inspection knowledge, please check!
9, safe clothing should be used as far as possible the use of simple methods, should avoid the work clothes are subject to strong mechanical and chemical operation of the washing.
In the purchase of Safety Clothing when the selection is very cautious, because it is in order to work in the process can have a better effect, and the protection of more powerful, in addition to the purchase of Safety Clothing, the need for strict attention, in our Wearing the process, but also need to pay attention to some of the details of the problem, more to understand the Safety Clothing wearing precautions, in order to better play a dust service function. Because in different places work, we must choose a different security clothing, when wearing the need to pay attention to the details of the problem, the choice of different grades of dust fabric, which for the dust effect will be very different, so that in the wearing Time must also have a targeted difference in the different workplace, there must be a different effect.
I believe that many people know that friends in the clean room, have to wear Safety Clothing to work, then this Safety Clothing testing what are the requirements? General Safety Clothing how to detect anti-static performance? Experts say that Safety Clothing to regularly detect anti-static performance, which is why?
Because in the clean room workers wearing Safety Clothing in order to dust effect is good, its anti-static performance is also very important. Because the anti-static performance is good, then the clothes are not easy to vacuum, which is why the dust-free workshop to wear a dust suit. In electronic operation, static electricity can damage tiny circuits. People in the clean room action, the safety of clothing and seats, workstations to wear inside the anti-static uniforms and skin friction, resulting in static electricity in the clothing. This kind of static electricity will be released to the integrated circuit and destroyed. Therefore, in the production of clean clothes fabric, the fabric within the textile folder made of conductive material continuous wire.